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We're happy to announce that this year SPIRIT OF GOBI 2022 festival will be cooperating with the electronic music label "Giegling label" based in Berlin Germany. Giegling began as a club and venue in Weimar, an East German city rich in culture and history. Shortly thereafter, these friends began pressing their own records, and Giegling the record label was born. But Giegling is more than just a record label—it’s a collective, a tightly knit group of friends and musicians who have developed their own idiosyncratic sound: a dusty, emotive, and soulful take on minimal house and dubby techno that is slowly but surely making its mark around the globe.


Konstantin is a techno producer/DJ and one of the founding members  of the "Giegling label". Konstantin is a key member of the "Giegling label" and a prominent figure in European underground electronic music scene, as he played in famous Europian underground electronic music clubs such as DC-10 (IBIZA), Berghain (Berlin), and Rex Club (Paris). 



Leafar Legov is a music producer from Thüringen, Germany. He is a part of  Kettenkarussell, with Konstantin.With Kettenkarussell, he makes what could loosely be described as downtempo house. On his solo records, he offsets ambient sketches with somber hip-hop instrumentals. But his personal musical universe is still, for the most part, a mystery—aside from "Blush," an excellent one-off from 2009 he made as Robert Oh, his first solo release was Giegling's latest EP, Talk, which came out in February. Abstract and subdued, it's a record that points to Giegling's emotional depth and stylistic open-endedness.



Manoman has been one of Amsterdam's key-figures for years, uplifting the scene with his challenging dj-sets of controversy at festivals parties (like Loveland & Costa del Soul). He has been a characteristic contribution to the sound of Amsterdam, with a distinguished taste and an eclectic sound of mildly aggressive mixture. 



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